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AXINO Investment GmbH

For more than 30 years managing director Wolfgang Seybold has been investing in fast-growing and promising small cap companies.

We have a reputation for researching precisely such listed companies. Our global network, with a focus on Australia and Canada, leads us time and again to successful managers and personalities. Their company builder gene is crucial for us and the basis of our success. Our performance is yours also!

Since 2000 Wolfgang Seybold has been responsible for the AXINO Group of Companies, which he successfully manages under the brand axinocapital.

We stand for …

  • many years of experience in global stock markets.

  • a unique expertise in the field of junior mining companies.

  • a reliable representation of companies which we consider promising.

  • a direct dialogue with the management of your small-cap investments.

  • more transparency through CEO interviews and project visits.

  • the representation of shareholder opinions, which we pass on to the managers.

  • a disclosure of possible conflicts of interest regarding our own share investments.

  • trust, as with our investments we are in the same shareholder boat.

First inform yourself, then invest…

…that's our motto. On our financial portal you will find all the information and videos about the companies we represent, in which we invest ourselves and which we make available to a broad investor audience. This service can be used free of charge!

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