Dr. Markus Krall

Dr. Markus Krall has more than 30 years of experience in the finance industry, in advisory function and as manager in insurance and reinsurance economics.

Since September 2019, he has been speaker of the executive board and managing director of Degussa.

As a member of the Board of Directors and Chief Risk Officer, he contributed to the restoration of the world's eighth largest reinsurance company, Converium Re, and was essential for its successful turnaround.

After starting his career in the Executive Board of Allianz AG Holding in Munich, he concentrated on risk management for financial institutions, initially at Boston Consulting Group, later as partner and director at Oliver Wyman and senior partner and head of risk management at McKinsey & Company. In 2012/2013 he led the European Rating Agency.

He successfully led a global portfolio of projects focusing on risk, strategy and operations for banks and insurance companies in Europe, USA, Middle-East, Asia and Australia. His clients included several of the world's top 20 financial service providers, regulators and supranational institutions as wells as governments of several OECD countries.

His books, "Der Draghi-Crash" on the consequences of monetary policy for banks in Europe and "Wenn schwarze Schwäne Junge kriegen", are on several bestseller lists, including the Manager Magazin. He is author of several other books ("Verzockte Freiheit") and regularly writes about finance and currency in Tichys Einblick, Cicero and Focus. His newest book "Die bürgerliche Revolution" with the vision of a new liberal economic and social order for Germany and Europe was published in 2020.

Dr. Krall has a degree in economics from the University of Freiburg in Breisgau and finished his academic education with a postgraduate research paper at the Imperial University of Nagoya in Japan (Meidai) in the context of his dissertation on the price formation on the Japanese stock market. Markus Krall is a member of the papal Order of the Holy Sepulcher and works in a voluntary capacity as chairman of a religious foundation.

He has been married to Serra Krall for 30 years and is father to four children.



Dr. Markus Krall - Money printing replaced thinking
Equities and the real economy are no longer connected. The global economies have been weakened by the wrong monetary policy, the banks have been driven into speculation, while their credit is becoming increasingly uncertain. The number of zombie companies is skyrocketing, made possibly by fiat money. Until Day X. The real economy has become a shell. Corona makes the inevitable crisis much worse than it would have been otherwise. The collapse is causing the printing presses to rotate, but it will not repair the economic base and supply chains. Inflation is coming, with and without digital currency.