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Friday, November 4, 2022

10:00 Uhr
Admittance and beginning of the event
10:20 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Max Otte, Asset manager
"Worldwide System Crash"
- How to adapt to a radically new environment - (50 min)
Marc Friedrich, Publicist & fund manager
"The greatest opportunity of all time" (50 min)
11:15 Uhr
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.* - Company presentation
"A globally diversified gold and silver producer" (15 min)
Noram Lithium Corp.* - Company presentation
"A Canadian lithium explorer" (15 min)
11:35 Uhr
Dr. Markus Krall, Economist, Author & Risk Manager
"Can Europe survive the coming crisis?" (50 min)
Mag. Ronald-Peter Stöferle, Analyst & fund manager
"In Gold We Trust" (50 min)
12:30 Uhr
Uranium Energy Corp.* - Company presentation
"A US based uranium exploration and mining company" (15 min)
EMX Royalty Corp. - Company presentation
"A Canadian investment and royalty company " (15 min)
12:50 Uhr
Volker Schnabel, Mack & Weise Vermögensverwaltung
"Inflation, deflation... gold!" (50 min)
Dr. Eike Hamer, Author & Chairman Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen
"Gold back in the world currency system?" (50 min)
13:45 Uhr
First Tin plc* - Company presentation
"A tin explorer with projects in Germany and Australia" (15 min)
Zimtu Capital Corp.* - Company presentation
"A Canadian holding company and project generator" (15 min)
14:05 Uhr
Hannes Huster, Publisher of the stock market letter 'Der Goldreport'
"The battle for raw materials has begun" (30 min)
Markus Bußler, Editor DER AKTIONÄR
"2023 - the comeback of gold and silver" (30 min)
14:40 Uhr
Podiumsdiskussion: Lithium (mit Martin Stephan)*
"Four Canadian lithium companies answer your questions" (30 min)
Christoph Geyer, Chart Analyst
"Pay with gold at the Oktoberfest? There is always drinking!"
- What the price of gold has to do with beer at the Oktoberfest - (30 min)
15:15 Uhr
Mag. Christian Vartian
"Gold, the drivers" (40 min)
Markus Miller
"The great currency collapse!" (40 min)
16:00 Uhr
Egon von Greyerz*, Matterhorn Asset Management AG
"The rat catcher from Hameln"
- The Fatal Consequences of Reneging on your Obligations - (45 min)
Claudio Grass, independent consultant & publicist
"The «Great Reset» and what it really means" (45 min)
16:50 Uhr
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.* - Company presentation
"A Canadian exploration, royalty and mining company" (15 min)
GoldMining Inc.* - Company presentation
"A mineral exploration company with assets throughout the Americas" (15 min)
17:10 Uhr
Folker Hellmeyer, Chief analyst at Netfonds Gruppe
"Power Axes, Manipulation of Markets and Truths!" (50 min)
Wilfried Kölz, Publisher of a stock market letter & cycle analyst
"Cyclical and technical Gold & Silver Forecasts and the upcoming Currency Reform" (50 min)
18:00 Uhr
End of the event





*These talks will be given in English. All presentations will be translated simultaneously by an interpreter. Headphones and receivers are available for a rental fee near the stage door.


**The exact schedule will be on display during the event and/or will be downloadable here a few days in advance.


This schedule is subject to change. Please pay attention to the schedule posted in the exhibition hall!


All talks are freely accessible. Please note, however, that seats and standing room are limited.