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Program "International Precious Metals & Commodities Show", 2022


Ladies and Gentlemen,

now it’s back - the precious metal fair will open its doors soon! Even if the mega-house of precious metals is not yet there, we welcome you to our nostalgic location, the MVG Museum in Ständler Straße 20.

Many former and sometimes new exhibitors from Germany and abroad have agreed to come. At the booths you can find out more about the product or the company or, of course, purchase shiny things.

Our “brandmark”, an exciting and varied supporting programme, consists of 46 lectures. For the first time, Matt Piepenburg, Carlos A. Gebauer, Claudio Grass and Michael Ecker will speak at our event.

Mr. Piepenburg is a mountain reef for many readers of GoldSeiten. de. If you missed your lecture, you can read it on both days together with Mr. v. Greyerz at the Matterhorn stand. Mr Gebauer is a lawyer and u. a. Member of the board of the Hayek Society. Some people still know him as a performer of the RTL court show “Das Strafgericht”. Unlike Mr. Grass, who has been publishing on our website for years, Mr. Ecker is still quite unknown. You also meet him at a booth, as a visionary for autonomous energy supply.

The great response from last year, as well as from previous years, prompted us once again to invite Dr. Markus Krall, Egon von Greyerz, Prof. Max Otte, Volker Schnabel, Marc Friedrich and Peter Denk.

After a long “time out”, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Polleit, Christoph Geyer and Steffen Paulick will be on stage in Munich.

Honour is due to those who have been continuously lecturing at the Edelmetallmesse all these years and at the beginning of November their +15. Lecture. These are: Dr. Uwe Bergold, Johann A. Saiger, Martin Siegel, Dimitri Speck and Folker Hellmeyer.

After a long, long time, we have again set up two panel discussions. One on the subject of scarce silver and the other on the green metal lithium.

All other speakers not mentioned by name, our two moderators Ralph Malisch and David Reymann as well as our entire organizing team are looking forward to seeing you.

Our thanks go to the supporting companies, media and trade fair partners.

The organising team wishes you a pleasant stay in Munich!

Frank Hoffmann & Jan Kneist