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Current schedule

Within the framework of our fair we offer our visitors an additional program comprised of specialist presentations, company presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

The program will be moderated and takes place simultaneously on the:

  • "front stage", in the front part of the hall and the
  • "rear stage", in the back part of the hall.

Please note that the number of seats as well as the standing room are limited due to the dimensions of the exhibition hall!

Due to the large number of contributors from Germany and abroad, coordination of the event is not always easy. A PDF file of the framework program will be available for downloading several days prior to the fair (see below).

Download framework program (in german)

  • Framework program: both days (PDF, status 25.10.2022, german)
  • Framework program: Friday (4.11.2022)  (PDF, status 25.10.2022, german)
  • Framework program: Saturday (5.11.2022)  (PDF, status 25.10.2022, german)

Download fair stand directory

  • Plan  (PDF, status 25.10.2022, german)

Download list of exhibitors

(All information and dates are subject to change!)