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Program "International Precious Metals & Commodities Show", 2019


Dear Sir or Madam,

the year is slowly drawing to a close and once again it is time for the annual precious metals show. The bull market in precious metals is keeping us waiting, so we will be welcoming you at the MVG Museum again.

Just like the years prior, exciting programs in collaboration with national and international speakers await your arrival.  Peter Haisenko and Gunnar Kaiser will be featured speakers for the first time. Former pilot Haisenko is known for his contributions on Anderweltonline.com, author and philosopher Kaiser will be watching the financial markets from a completely new perspective. (As announced before, mining expert Rob McEwen from Canada wanted to visit Munich again after 10 years of absence. Sadly, he had to cancel his appearance in the last week of October.)

Dr. Marcus Krall, who was unknown to most people during his appearance 2017, is going to be present for the second time. Among other people, Peter Denk, Dr. Eike Hamer, Markus Blaschzok and Prof. Max Otte will be present for the second or third time.

Honored shall be those who remained with us throughout the years and who will be holding their 15. presentations at the beginning of November. These are: Johann A. Saiger, Martin Siegel, Dimitri Speck and Eugen Weinberg.

Due to to great feedback last year and the years prior, we were inclined to invite, among others, Markus Koch,  Egon von Greyerz, Volker Schnabel, Folker Hellmeyer, Marc Friedrich & Matthias Weik again.

All speakers, including those not mentioned by name, our presenters Frank Meyer and Ralph Malisch as well as all members of the organization team are looking forward to your arrival. 

On Friday, the first day of the event, the DEG Prize will be presented for the sixth year. The Deutsche Edelmetall-Gesellschaft e.V. - known for promoting the repatriation of Germany's gold from the United States - pays tribute to a deserving advocate and pioneer of physical investment in precious metals. 

Finally, we would like to thank the supporting companies as well as our media and trade fair partners.

The organization team wishes you a pleasant stay in Munich!

Frank Hoffmann & Jan Kneist